Contact AKM

I can advise during project development in areas such as:

- Writing Statistical Methodology sections

- Sample Size calculations

- Power Choice of appropriate Hypothesis tests

I have access to SPSS, MedCalc, nQuery and Minitab

I have extensive experience of statistical topics including:

- Summary Statistics: numeric and graphical

- Exploratory data analysis

- Single sample hypothesis testing [parametric & non-parametric]

- Two independent sample testing [parametric & non-parametric]

- Paired within subject testing [parametric & non-parametric]

- Categorical variable analysis [Chi-square test, Fisher’s Exact test, McNemar’s test]

- ANOVA models [one factor, two factor, repeated measures and factorial designs]

- Non-parametric ANOVA

- Correlation [parametric & non-parametric]

- Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Regression, Logistic Regression

- Factor Analysis and Principal Component Analysis

- Discriminant Analysis

- Psychometric properties of research instruments
[validity and reliability e.g. construct validity, internal consistency, intra and inter class correlation]